Delivery crafted by
college students,
created for
college students.

The delivery model was broken...

Quickie sprang from the entrepreneurial spirit of students at Cal Poly SLO who identified a critical gap in the delivery service industry. Frustrated by steep delivery charges and long wait times, we were inspired to leverage new technology and innovative ideas to revolutionize the delivery experience, specifically tailored to the needs of college students. Our mission is straightforward: to save students the two commodities they value most - time and money.

We strive to be more than just a delivery service; we're your peers, your friends, delivering daily essentials with the goal of creating a better college experience for you. Every interaction with Quickie, whether it's a friendly smile and wave from one of our delivery Flashers or a burst of laughter brought on by one of our infamous bag messages, is designed to leave you feeling better than when you found us.

Redefining the Delivery Experience

At Quickie, we've revolutionized the art of instant gratification for college students. Our secret sauce? Micro-fulfillment dark stores, smartly positioned as close as possible to your college campus communities.

Imagine having a fully-stocked convenience store at your fingertips. That's us! Our shelves are stocked with the daily essentials you can't do without.


Our delivery heroes, fondly known as Flashers, are more than just couriers. They're the swift, skilled lifeline between our dark stores and your doorstep. Whether they're zipping on e-scooters or gliding on e-bikes, they embody speed, efficiency, and customer care.


Our dark stores, strategically located near campus, are stocked with a wide range of items essential for college life. From snacks for late-night study sessions to last-minute essentials, we've got everything a student might need, ensuring quick and convenient access.

Call it
Bag Rizz

Upon receiving your order, our dynamic team of Expos spring into action, swiftly picking and packing your items in under two minutes. Each bag gets a personal touch, adorned with either a delightful drawing or a dirty pick-up line, making every delivery quick and uniquely charming.


Where industry leaders deliver 5-6 orders per hour, our Flashers can handle triple that load. This high volume per route isn't just impressive; it's how we keep our prices wallet-friendly for you.